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The Data Founder Story: I Founded Spectacles With Someone I'd Only Met Once
🏗 Data Founder: Josh Temple 🏢 Product: Spectacles This is the story of how Dylan Baker and I founded and bootstrapped Spectacles, continuous integration, and DevOps suite for Looker developers and admins. 45% of Looker changes have unseen errors, so the best data teams rely on Spectacles to check their work (over 10k Pull Requests worth of work!) and sh…
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Data Engineering Weekly
Introducing Schemata - A Decentralized Schema Modeling Framework For Modern Data Stack
I’m thrilled to write about Schemata, a decentralized schema modeling framework for data contracts. Oh, wait, all the jargon, what is it? Let me take you all on the Schemata journey. You can find the source code and the documentation here. GitHub Repo…
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Data Engineering Weekly
Bundling Vs. UnBundling: The Tale of Airflow Operator and dbt Ref
I started working on the data pipeline at the early stage of Hadoop/ Bigdata when Big Data was a buzzword. Apache Oozie (anyone remembers Oozie?) is a go-to tool to orchestrate the data pipeline, where you have to hand-code workflow in an XML file(not surprisingly, the file name is workflow.xml…
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Data Engineering Weekly
Functional Data Engineering - A Blueprint
The Rise of Data Modeling Data modeling has been one of the hot topics in Data LinkedIn. Hadoop put forward the schema-on-read strategy that leads to the disruption of data modeling techniques as we know until then. We went through a full cycle that…
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Data Engineering Weekly
Data Catalog - A Broken Promise
Data catalogs are the most expensive data integration systems you never intended to build. Data Catalog as a passive web portal to display metadata requires significant rethinking to adopt modern data workflow, not just adding “modern” in its prefix…
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