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The data engineering weekly newsletter started with a mission of reflecting views on the latest developments in the data engineering world. Every week we publish selected blog posts in the newsletters and share thoughts on them. One question I always get is how to contribute to the newsletters. The Github repo is a logical next step for the data engineering weekly to open up the community to contribute to the weekly newsletters.

Sounds great. How can I contribute articles?

It is simple, open a pull request with the article title under the weekly folder. Please read the contributing guidelines before submitting the request.

    linkedin: "<linkedin URL>"
    name: "<mention company name if it is published in a engineering blog else the author name>"
    twitter: "<twitter handle>"
  link: "<URL to the article>"
  review: "<Optional: Your review about the article>. It is okay if you can just share the links to the articles."
    linkedin: "<optional: your LinkedIn handle>"
    name: "<optional> if you would like to add your name as a reviewer in the data engineering weekly newsletter"
    twitter: "<optional: your twitter handle>"
  tags: "<comma separate tags about the theme of the article>"

Once the article is submitted, the content will be accepted or rejected for publication.

Contributing Guide

On average, we read about 15+ articles every week before selecting a few articles to publish in every edition. We focus more on the quality rather than the quantity of the content. A few guidelines to follow for submitting the articles.

  1. No vendor promotional articles. We want to keep the data engineering weekly vendor-neutral, genuinely reflecting the exciting development in data engineering.

  2. Practice empathy when writing the review snapshot. The article's author spends tremendous time and effort to write the article. Positive feedback is welcome, but no negative comments/ criticism, please.

  3. Data Engineering Weekly can accept or reject any article submission request without further explanation.

  4. The contribution is voluntary with no monetary benefit from data engineering weekly publishers.


We are starting this as an experiment. The contributing guide may not be perfect. We will iterate and improve the contributing guideline as we move along.

Please tag your suggestion @data_weekly on Twitter.

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