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O'Reilly: 2021 Data/AI Salary Survey

O'Reilly published a comprehensive salary report for data & AI professionals. The sad trend continues where Women's salaries were sharply lower than men's salaries, averaging $126,000 annually, or 84% of the average salary for men ($150,000). Python, SQL & JavaScript are the top 3 most popular programming languages for data & AI.

Vivian Guo: Make Machine Learning Work for Your Company - A Primer

Software-driven industrialization is moving from process-based workflow to an ML/AI-driven workflow. But how do you build a machine learning team? And what does this mean for software companies? The author walks through how to start a machine learning team, hiring & tracking the impact.

Matt Turck: Red Hot - The 2021 Machine Learning, AI and Data (MAD) Landscape

Matt Turck published a comprehensive list of Machine Learning, AI & Data (MAD!!!) landscape. One interesting fact that I noticed in the landscape is that Jupiter notebooks still own the collaboration space. Data Engineering is inherently social & collaborative work across the org, and I can see this collaboration space still wide open.

Pinterest: Ensuring High Availability of Ads Realtime Streaming Services

Pinterest writes about its high available ads real-time streaming services on Apache Flink & Kafka stream. The hot-hot primary & standby pipeline for each service is an exciting design to read.

LinkedIn: Distributed tier merge: How LinkedIn tackles stragglers in search index build

LinkedIn writes about distributed tier merge in building offline search index using Apache Spark. The migration from MapReduce to Spark & distributed tier merge improved the build time by 40% across the product!!

Sponsored: RudderStack - Churn Prediction With BigQueryML to Increase Mobile Game Revenue

Here’s an interesting case study on how machine learning can directly impact the bottom line. RudderStack writes an outline of how app developers, Torpedo Labs, use BigQuery ML to identify high-value mobile game players who are dangerously close to churning.

DoorDash: How to Run Apache Airflow on Kubernetes at Scale

DoorDash writes an exciting blog narrating its migration of Airflow from a single instance infrastructure to KubernetesPodOperators. The blog states the higher memory availability of the Airflow scheduler after offloading the operator workloads to Kubernetes.

Airbnb: The Airflow Smart Sensor Service

Airflow poking sensor implementation is a resource-intensive operator that will keep running until the specified condition is satisfied. Airbnb writes about the impact of smart sensors on its Airflow infrastructure. With deduplication, it reduces 40% of the load from the Hive meta store.

Storyblocks: Blue-Green ETLs with Airflow Task Groups

Storyblocks writes about adopting the Blue-Green ETL model with Airflow on its Redshift data warehouse. The load and swap in the mutable pipeline is always a challenge, and it's great to see the Blue-Green deployment pattern adoption.

Wealthfront: Automating Data Quality Checks on External Data

Data pipeline on top of the external, uncontrolled datasets can be challenging. Wealthfront writes about its data quality approach following persisting the raw data, transforms to a confirmed schema and validate, and handles the anomalies.

Teads: Managing a BigQuery data warehouse at scale

Teads published helpful tips and tools to manage BigQuery to resolve slow-running queries and improve slot usage and table size. The BqVisualiser looks like an exciting tool to visualize and optimize the query performance.ff

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