May 27 • 32M

DEW #129: DoorDash's Generative AI, Europe data salary, Data Validation with Great Expectations, Expedia's Event Sourcing

Conversation with Aswin about Data Engineering Weekly Edition #125

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Ananth Packkildurai
Aswin James Christy
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Welcome to another episode of Data Engineering Weekly. Aswin and I select 3 to 4 articles from each edition of Data Engineering Weekly and discuss them from the author’s and our perspectives.

On DEW #129, we selected the following article

DoorDash identifies Five big areas for using Generative AI.

Generative AI took the industry by storm, and every company is trying to figure out what it means to them. DoorDash writes about its discovery of Generative AI and its application to boost its business.

  1. The assistance of customers in completing tasks

  2. Better tailored and interactive discovery [Recommendation]

  3. Generation of personalized content and merchandising

  4. Extraction of structured information

  5. Enhancement of employee productivity

Mikkel Dengsøe: Europe data salary benchmark 2023

Fascinating findings on Europe’s data salary among various countries. The key findings are

  1. German-based roles pay lower.

  2. London and Dublin-based roles have the highest compensations. The Dublin sample is skewed to more senior roles, with 55% of reported salaries being senior, which is more indicative of the sample than jobs in Dublin paying higher than in London.

  3. The top 75% percentile jobs in Amsterdam, London, and Dublin pay nearly 50% more than those in Berlin

Trivago: Implementing Data Validation with Great Expectations in Hybrid Environments

The article by Trivago discusses the integration of data validation with Great Expectations. It presents a well-balanced case study that emphasizes the significance of data validation and the necessity for sophisticated statistical validation methods.

Expedia: How Expedia Reviews Engineering Is Using Event Streams as a Source Of Truth

“Events as a source of truth” is a simple but powerful idea to persist the state of the business entity as a sequence of state-changing events. How to build such a system? Expedia writes about the review stream system to demonstrate how it adopted the event-first approach.