Jul 5 • 35M

DEW #132: The New Generative AI Infra Stack, Databricks cost management at Coinbase, Exploring an Entity Resolution Framework Across Various Use Cases & What's the hype behind DuckDB?

Conversation with Aswin about Data Engineering Weekly Edition #132

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Ananth Packkildurai
Aswin James Christy
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Welcome to another episode of Data Engineering Weekly. Aswin and I select 3 to 4 articles from each edition of Data Engineering Weekly and discuss them from the author’s and our perspectives.

On DEW #132, we selected the following article

Cowboy Ventures: The New Generative AI Infra Stack

Generative AI has taken the tech industry by storm. In Q1 2023, a whopping $1.7B was invested into gen AI startups. Cowboy ventures unbundle the various categories of Generative AI infra stack here.


Coinbase: Databricks cost management at Coinbase

Effective cost management in data engineering is crucial as it maximizes the value gained from data insights while minimizing expenses. It ensures sustainable and scalable data operations, fostering a balanced business growth path in the data-driven era. Coinbase writes one case about cost management for Databricks and how they use the open-source overwatch tool to manage Databrick’s cost.


Walmart: Exploring an Entity Resolution Framework Across Various Use Cases

Entity resolution, a crucial process that identifies and links records representing the same entity across various data sources, is indispensable for generating powerful insights about relationships and identities. This process, often leveraging fuzzy matching techniques, not only enhances data quality but also facilitates nuanced decision-making by effectively managing relationships and tracking potential matches among data records. Walmart writes about the pros and cons of approaching fuzzy matching with rule-based and ML-based matching.


Matt Palmer: What's the hype behind DuckDB?

So DuckDB, Is it hype? or does it have the real potential to bring architectural changes to the data warehouse? The author explains how DuckDB works and the potential impact of DuckDB in Data Engineering.