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Data Engineering Weekly
Podcast: Data Engineering Weekly #119

Podcast: Data Engineering Weekly #119

- By Ananth & Ashwin

We are super excited to be back to discussing Data Engineering Weekly Newsletter articles every week. We will take 2 or 3 articles from each week's Data Engineering Weekly edition and go through an in-depth analysis. 

On Data Engineering Weekly edition #119, We are taking three articles.

#1 Netflix's article about Scaling Media Machine Learning at Netflix

#2 Alex Woodie's article about Open Table Formats Square Off in Lakehouse Data Smackdown

#3 Plum Living's article about Building a semantic layer in Preset (Superset) with dbt

We referenced David Jayatillake's article about Metricalypse in the show.

Metricalypse Now
If you’ve been reading my substack for a while, you might remember me writing about the two approaches to metrics layers that we’ve seen so far. In my previous post, I described how the first approach involved creating wide datasets, without defining how a data model of multiple tables and entities should be used …
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